Albany Road Real Estate Partners (“Albany Road”, through their operational partner EDGE Sports Global LLC (“EDGE”, is pleased to announce a five-year partnership agreement with 200×85 Hockey (“200×85”, www.200× to provide an exceptional hockey experience at its nine New England venues.

Brian DeVellis, President of EDGE Sports Global LLC, stated “EDGE is thrilled to match one of the best-in-class tournament and showcase organizers in the industry in 200×85 with the premier venue ecosystem in New England in Albany Road.  The logical partnership will assure that 200×85 has ample facility bandwidth to grow its hockey experience, while at the same time allowing Albany to lock down one of the best tournament groups in the country.

Kevin Mann, President, and CEO of 200×85, added “the slate of facilities that EDGE professionally manages for Albany Road is the perfect assemblage of facilities for our events.  For twenty years, 200×85 has prided itself on providing a complete event experience for all players, coaches, and families. On the ice, it is all about creating a competitive balance. Off the ice, we are always looking to ensure attendees to have memories that last a lifetime.  The EDGE / Albany portfolio epitomizes that goal.  We are thrilled to join forces to make sure we remain the premier provider of hockey experiences in New England.

Tyler Savonen, Vice President at Albany Road, offered the following: “We are very excited to further diversify our athletic facility (youth sports) platform with the successful partnership with 200×85. We feel that the partnership will not only benefit the teams and players associated, but the entire youth hockey industry across New England. Overall, the global youth sports industry continues to grow rapidly as demand for youth sports participation rises exponentially; a concept that continues to fuel the overall investment strategy of this platform.”

In February 2022, Albany Road launched an athletic facility platform with an initial acquisition of five best-in-class athletic facilities across Greater Boston. Consistent with the platform’s original investment strategy to grow in size, scale, fueling operating efficiencies, and expanding the youth sports ecosystem, Albany Road furthered the platform with four additional facilities and five premier youth hockey programs. The Albany Road / EDGE partnership expects to continue to diligently acquire athletic facilities in the future