// Design, Permitting & Construction Management

EDGE Sports Global is a one-stop-shop for your sports facility project, we handle every aspect of design and construction from start to finish 

With a broad background ranging from land use planning and real estate law to construction and development, EDGE Sports Global personnel have over thirty years of Design, Permitting & Construction Management experience. This experience allows us to value-engineer a client’s programming elements to maximize its financial base.

// Procurement

EDGE Sports Global will author bid scopes and prepare bid documents for the building trades, assumed to be: dashers and glass, protective netting, hockey accessories (goals, tools, scoreboards, edger etc.), HM doors and frames, Overhead Doors, Glass and glazing, flooring, drywall, painting, acoustical ceilings, bathroom and building accessories. Once bids are received, EDGE will prepare bid analysis spreadsheets for each trade for your use and selection.

// Design Oversight

EDGE will conduct a comprehensive review of all Construction Documents with a particular emphasis on ice rink specific requirements. EDGE will interface with the design team via RFIs (copied to you) and keep an RFI log. Additionally, EDGE will meet with design / build team members individually or collectively as needed to fully coordinate the construction documents.

EDGE will work with the architect to help assure there are no conflicts; especially as concerns fire protection, HVAC, refrigeration and electrical. EDGE will also (if not already done) create and maintain a Construction Documents list of all drawings and specifications. A major focus of this effort will be on value engineering possibilities.

// Construction

Maintain a constant interface with construction manager and field staff and collaborate to continue smooth operation and to intercept any potential issues which might incur delays or added costs.

EDGE’s experience in ice rink construction will be of use in the field in terms of depth and experience sequence, time-saving tactics/methods and general practice.

// Trade Scope Review

Perform a thorough review of scopes of work for trades assuring that there are no gaps or overlaps between trades.

// Submittals Review

Review, concurrent with the architect, all shop drawings and technical submittals for value engineering before systems go into production.

// Energy Efficiency

EDGE will work with alternative, renewable and sustainable energy sources to provide choices for solar energy partners, as well as work with local and regional utility providers to maximize rebates and tax credits.

// Reporting

EDGE will maintain and distribute minutes from weekly project meetings.

Prepare electronic close-out documents to include O&M manuals, critical shop drawings, photographic log etc.

// Accounting

EDGE will review all applications for payment for completion percentage and conformance with scopes and sub-contracts.

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